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Provide Temporary Church Structures

Newly formed congregations often meet under a tree or in an open field. For a gift of $800 you can provide a church with a galvanized roof and truss materials. BTV oversees the construction of each project.

Build a Nandi Village Church

Help BTV construct permanent village churches in the Nandi District. An average church cost $8,500 to build and will serve hundreds for generations.

Build a Medical Facility

$10,000 will build a medical facility that will treat the 1000+ children who attend the village schools. The medical clinic will also help care for the day to day illnesses of the local villagers in the village hub.

Nandi District Churches

Consider providing funds to build a permanent district church that will be a training point for new elders of a district. The facility will also be used as a community center for extensive community outreach. Gift: $26,000.

Build a Secondary School

Fund the construction of a individual building on the campus of a Nandi secondary school for $150,000 or pledge $1,000,000 to complete the school in its entirety according to the master plan.