BTV Update 12.16.10


Approaching the completion of the 3rd school building.

Merry Christmas to you!

The team wanted to take a moment of your time and bring you up to speed on some of the activities at Noel Academy, Choimim, Kenya, and the outreach opportunities we have shared with so many of our church groups.

First, our third school building is nearing completion in the next couple of weeks, and God willing, the doors will be open for the new class of students reporting to 4th grade at Noel in early January. In the picture above, the walls are up, the roof is on and the finishings are underway. We want to thank everyone for their personal gifts and their sacrificial time spent helping to make this project a reality for the children at Noel Academy. With the beginning of the new school year, we will be blessed with educating over 200 children, employing 14 full-time Kenyan staff and sharing the word of God with the next generation of Kenyan movers and shakers.

Second, the opportunity to reach out to the community schools conducting VBS was an overwhelming success this year. A few thousand were cared for, loved, played with and the gospel shared. In one of our visits, a group from Hickory Grove Baptist joined us as we shared with a group of 200 vocational school students. It was great to see our group working in small groups with the students, answering questions and sharing their testimonies. Later, the students gathered in the cafeteria and the gospel was shared. To the glory of Christ, many raised their hands in front of their classmates in a public expression of their personal desire to receive Christ Jesus as their personal Savior.

Third, the land for the second Build the Village project has been acquired! This is a 10-acre area located in Mosoriot, approximately 30 minutes away from our Choimim project. In 2011, we hope to have a site plan completed and begin the fund raising for this exciting project: a new school, an orphanage, a new church to replace the rented structure and a guest house for our friends and coworkers.
We are so excited about how God is using this ministry and partnering so many individuals and churches with the work. We thank Him for your consistent prayers, support, encouragement and personal participation. The BTV Team thanks you for making this real and helping to reach, teach and love so many to the glory of Christ!

In partnership with you and to the glory of Christ,

Damon, Randa, James, the Build the Village Team, the 160 children at Noel Academy and the many little ones at Noel Children’s Center wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas