BTV Update 2.15.11


Friends and Supporters,

For most all of us it’s been a cold winter and the opportunity to get outside for construction projects has been difficult. But for us in Kenya, the season is opposite – it’s hot and dry, and the weather is optimal for catching up on our many construction projects. Pictured above are our new desks that are now being used in our new 4th grade class in the 3rd school building. Twenty-six students no longer have to share desks as is common in the lower grades. We want to take this opportunity to extend our many thanks to our friends with Colonial’s children’s program for helping to raise the funds necessary to provide the desks you see above. A big thank you!

As you are reading this email, staff are completing a large septic tank structure for the children’s center at Choimim. We have been handicapped in growing the program do to the issue of discarding waste water. By the end of next week the tank should be complete. I know that this is not a glamorous project to discuss, but with the completion of the system, we will be in a position to accept additional children to the center. We are blessed currently to care for 12 children, and with the completion of the system, we anticipate our houses will be maxed out by the end of this year with 12 additional children.

Other items of interest:

Starting in a week or so, construction staff will begin the completion of the 3rd Children’s House at Choimim. The house will be used as a large meeting home for all the Center’s kids. They will have a place to go spend time, listen to music, read, watch vidoes, enjoy meals together and fellowship collectively as a family.
Work has begun to establish a new daughter church approximately 2 miles away from Choimim. We will be using two of our Elders to establish the new congregation.
On February 18 and 19, BTV staff and friends from the US will be hosting a soccer camp and competition for the children in the area as an outreach. We are anticipating in excess of 500 children to join us during this event. Please pray for the children, for the staff and for the Word of God as we share with the children and the spectators our greatest opportunity, a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We continue to thank each of you for your prayers and your financial support. We can never say it enough, thank you. Your generosity makes these projects possible and your monthly sponsorship helps to keep the lights on, Kenyan staff employed, children warmed, educated and fed and the Word going out among the children and the community at large.

This year, we would like to ask for your consideration in our new work. We need to raise $75,000 to build our 1st school building in the community of Mosoriot, Kenya. The work needs to begin soon to beat the rainy season, and must be ready by January 2012. We plan to open the building, God willing, by the 5th of January. In doing so, we will open immediately 3 classrooms for preschool aged children and employ 5 Kenyan’s. Please consider your participation in this expansion of our ministry as we desire to holistically reach this community for Christ! Please check out our website to make a donation or contact Damon Davenport directly 919-606-4847.

We pray for God’s continued blessed for the work of BTV and for each of you. Please, let us know how we can be a greater encouragement to you as we strive to serve together for His glory.

Damon, Randa and the BTV Team (Kenya)