BTV Update 08.10.11



It’s been June since we sent out our last email update and so much has gone on since then, so let us give you the highlights! As many of you were aware, Damon was in Kenya for 6 weeks working on certain construction projects along with a number of church groups that came to work in and around Choimim, Kenya. A great deal of time was spent organizing some really great teams this year…

And here’s the recap:

As a whole, the teams were able to speak to a large number of schools. We estimate that over 3,000 youth had the privilege to hear the gospel of our Lord, and many responded, praise God!
We were also privileged to share the gospel in the local prison and we rejoiced over the many who responded. While there, the women of our group shared special gifts – new “flip flops” as well as blankets for those who had blankets! What a blessed time, and truly an endearing and emotional visit, as you might imagine.

Additionally, groups visited a deaf school where the message was “signed” through an interpreter, and the kids enjoyed special VBS activities. These kids were so touched and so excited to have us visit – again a blessed, humbling and precious time.

Home to home evangelism was another key outreach event that we felt was blessed and a success. A super time for outreach, and again the response was great.
And if the groups weren’t busy enough, we painted classrooms along with the new activity center for Noel Children’s Center; we cleaned window frames and installed a water containment structure, to name a few household chores! We are so very appreciative of each team member’s cheerful servant heart! On behalf of the BTV team, we thank you with all our hearts.

While the groups were busy serving and sharing, Damon was finalizing the purchase of an additional 1.5 acres adjacent to the Noel Academy, celebrating the ground breaking of BTV’s new school (Northside Christian School) located in Mosoriot, Kenya, attending to the medical needs of the children and helping to organize the home coming of the three additional children pictured above! Again, praise God that so much was accomplished to His glory and for the loving care of His flock! Randa was able to join the work near the end of Damon’s visit to work with a local church team from here in Cary and also one from Gainesville, NC, and to spend time with the Children’s Center staff.

Again, we want to give a very special thank you to you who traveled and worked so hard for the Lord, serving the dear people of this area, and for those who helped fund the teams and the work of Build The Village this summer. As mentioned above in our update, thousands of children, 200+ prisoners and countless numbers of adults experienced the love of faithful followers of Christ Jesus. The Kenyans enjoyed one-on-one time with our groups, engaged in sporting events, shared a craft or two, and some even had their nails done!  Most importantly, all heard the gospel of grace and hope. Successfully exhausting to say the least. PRAISE HIM!
We would also like to share with you some of the new children of Noel. All three of the children as you can imagine had a very unhappy beginning to their life. But thanks to our loving God, He entrusted these dear little ones to our care. They are pictured above with an approximate age and all three are eligible for sponsorship. So if you, your Sunday school class or church would consider helping these children with their daily support, please give a call or email.

Praises and Prayer considerations:

First, please join us in praise to the Lord for a productive summer for His name sake. As each of us know, it’s a gift from our Lord to be used by Him for His glory.
Join with us in praising our Lord for the blessing of our mission school, Noel Academy at Choimim. Again, for the second year, Noel is academically ranked number #1 in the county! We are very thankful for and appreciative of our hard-working teachers, their dedication and commitment to the students, school and ministry. And of most importance, we give thanks for our special children, praying for them as they are ministered to and that they would understand and accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
We thank you, our supporters, again and again, for your generous prayers and support. Now with our new addition, we would greatly appreciate additional sponsorships for these 3 sweet new children, or even one time sponsorship gifts. Please pray that God would help us with these expenses as we support and minister to these little ones.
We desire to partner with a church or group for the construction of our new Children’s/orphan project at Mosoriot. With the center in Choimim 1/2 full, we need to set plans in place to start the second location.
Funding is needed to help finish the water filtration system for the Choimim project. The expected cost for the system is $30K. We have pledges of $21K as of today and thus we need an additional 9K to have this project fully funded.

Thank you again so very much of your prayers and your support. You must know that so many benefit from your gifts.
Looking forward to a cool fall.


Damon, Randa and the BTV team