BTV Update 04.01.07



We want to share this brief clip in hopes that you will celebrate with us, what God is doing at Choimim. I share this picture of Rev. Aineahs Barasa baptizing one of thirty one (31 in one month!) people just last month. God is moving, and people are responding to His gift. Next week, Randa and I will be traveling to and she and I would like to ask that you keep us and our work in your prayers, that God will bless us with safe travels, fruitful encounters with the government, and a ministering spirit.

Additionally, we are traveling with two pastors. They will be hosting a country-wide conference, teaching, preaching and personally being blessed by an incredibly loving people, the people of Western Kenya .

Thank you again for your support, your prayers and your partnership. The fruit of your support is obvious (the Choimim Church and hostel in the back ground).

With love,
Damon, Randa and the BTV staff