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BTV Update 08.30.10


Wanted to catch you up on the summer activities at Choimim, Kenya and bring you up to speed on the financial progress. First, the summer has been very busy with a large number of volunteers traveling to Choimim. We have been blessed with medical, sports, construction, evangelism, discipleship, and teaching teams this year! The efforts of so many have been a tremendous blessing for the church, Noel Academy, the Children’s center, the schools and the community at large.

The medical team held several programs including a health clinic and first aid training along with biblical discipleship and instruction shared with hundreds of community members from the village at Choimim.
The evangelism teams were blessed to have many opportunities to share Christ. We thank God for the privilege to witness so many professions of faith.
VBS teams worked in numerous schools acting out dramas, crafts and face painting and engaging the students in games of soccer. It was humbling to watch how intently the children were watching the faithfulness of Christ acted out. We sure look forward to eternity where we might know the impact of our efforts.
Women’s ministries – what a summer for the women of Choimim! There were several opportunities for the women to fill the church classroom and gain exceptional instruction and experience the encouragement, service and love from other Christian women from the states. Truly each woman involved was blessed by those special ministering opportunities!
Construction efforts this summer – wow – you had to watch out this summer for the amount of work that was getting done by the volunteer teams! Moving sand, rock, mixing concrete and filling footings just to name a few activities. Our construction team worked tirelessly and amazingly to help get our third school building well on it’s way to completion.

In summary, this was a truly a fantastic year for our volunteers and a tremendous blessing to both those who ministered and to those who were ministered to. Thousands of children heard the gospel in their schools, many adults accepted Christ Jesus as their personal Savior as a result of home-to-home evangelism and many of the church members of Community Baptist Church were greatly encouraged and strengthen in their personal faith in Christ Jesus.

Please keep the prayers coming, thanking God for everyone who has helped minster in Kenya this year and for those new believers who will join our fellowship in Choimim. Additionally, we want to ask if you will continue to pray for the sponsors for Noel Academy and the Children’s Center and children. We have been blessed this summer with a new van, funding to finish the second children’s house, funding that will help us complete the third house (which will be used as a community house for the children of Noel Children’s Center) and for the financial commitment to complete the third school building. PRAISE OUR LORD, this will nearly complete phase 1, only short of a dining hall for the children at Noel Academy.

God willing, the construction will be completed by April 2011 in Choimim.

For 2011, we are excited to announce a new ministry opportunity, the establishment of our second BTV project in Mosoriot, Kenya. We’ll share more details concerning this work soon. We’ll be praying that you and your church will consider this new harvest potential in 2011.

Thank you again for partnering with us and for your prayers,

Desiring to glorify our Savior,
Damon, Randa, James and the BTV Team