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BTV Update 07.03.10


Ashford and Alvin, at Noel Children’s Center July 3, 2010


It’s been awhile since we have communicated with you concerning the activities at Choimim- these summer months are slipping by so quickly! So now we want to take this moment to bring you all up to speed with the activities along with our prayer requests.

The Church:
We continue to be blessed by the outreach efforts and discipleship programs. The church was maxed out last month during the graduating ceremonies. There were 17 students that graduated from Winchester Theological Academy. These students represented a number of our own church plants and three other denominational church leaders and pastors. Some of the students look forward to continuing their education later this fall as they attend our Associates program.

In the last three months, the church collectively baptized 41 new members to the congregations. And currently there are several new prospects for membership in our new members’ classes awaiting completion of the introduction class prior to baptism.

New church plant: Please pray for the several mission teams coming out in the next few weeks who will be helping to start two new church plants. The leadership for these two new churches will come from the Elders who feel called to senior leadership positions.

Noel Academy:
We continue to be blessed of the Lord with so many bright children and how well they are performing, not only within the school, but also within their school district. With the test results back from the District Office, Noel Academy is still ranked among the top five among 49 schools.

Additionally, the third school building as many of you know has been waiting for funding before we could finish the construction of this five classroom building. Praise the Lord, a portion of the money has been raised and the construction of the walls for this building has begun! We are still in need of funding for the roof and windows.

Prayer request: God willing, the roof and windows will be funded and the building completed so it may open to the 4th grade students January 1, 2011. The estimated cost to complete the roofing and windows is $10,000.00.

Noel Children’s Center:
We continue to be humbled that many government officials continue to see our commitment to love and serve children along with providing quality accommodations at Noel Children’s Center, superior to most in our region. With that praise also comes the overwhelming need to provide for more children. Since we last communicated with you, we have added four new children to our ministry, thus to our lives. Pictured above are two of our newest children, Alvin and Ashford. Their mother Adelaide was a beloved staff member at BTV Choimim, and whose burial site is behind the boys in the above picture. You may recall Adelaide passed way earlier this year from complications arising from malaria. The extended families have rejected the children and thus they have been placed with us to raise. We are blessed by these two precious children who have been a part of BTV since construction began in Choimim. These two precious boys bring great joy to our lives. Both of them are very loving and eager to please. Maybe you would consider helping to support these boys. We have 2 other little ones under 6 months that we want to feature in an upcoming update, these 2 sweet ones also in need of support. Please let us know if you would like to participate in sponsoring any one of these special ones.

Along with the addition of children we have added new staff, food consumption has increased, and the cost of health care and the new burden on existing facilities have begun to press us for additional sponsorship. Now with 12 children, we must begin to transition three (older) children from the baby house to the next house. Yet, we lack a septic tank and some basic furnishings to open this house. God willing, we pray that sponsorship will come and we can construct these needed items for these children.

Please pray with us as we seek the $4,000 needed to construct the septic tank and an additional $1,200 for the household furnishings, including beds, bedding, furniture, and etc. Please also pray with us as we await the electrical power to our children’s home. We paid the fees for the service line back in January, but have yet to receive from the power company (Kenya Power Co.) the electrical hardware and service. God willing this will be soon.

We praise God for each of you, thanking Him for your continued encouragement, prayers and support. We certainly could not succeed in reaching, loving and nurturing so many without your participation.

Give us a call or drop an e-mail, we would love to share more with you.

We hope you enjoy your 4th of July holiday weekend, giving praise to Him for the great blessing of the freedom that we share in Christ, and our country.

Have a blessed summer,

Damon, Randa, James and the BTV staff