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BTV Update 08.21.09



Praise the Lord! Just a quick yet very exciting note to let many of you know that we now have electricity for the project at Choimim, Kenya! We are so privileged to help impact this community for Christ and thank you all for praying for this particular project. We truly give thanks and praise God for allowing for this opportunity and that it will be used only for His glory.

So, for our returning visitors planning to come next year, bring along your old memories of sitting in the dark with your flash lights and candles burning :) and enjoy along with our new guests the modern convenience of electricity, taking advantage of the opportunities this gift will undoubtedly bring.

Also, another tremendous blessing we want to share with you, we have received a pledge of 10K to help develop and equip a computer education center at Noel Academy. We pray that we will have the computers purchased, connected and operational by the early part of next year. With this program in place, we will be teaching our students computer technologies and opening the classes up to the community to teach them the basics of computers and software applications. This will be a great outreach tool to the community and to those who continue to avoid the church.

For groups considering to travel to Choimim next year, please consider helping to teach our students to use Biblical software along with teaching financial stewardship to the community at large. We are also looking outside of Choimim to establish our second BTV project. As the Lord continues to bless this Choimim project we are compelled to seek out other communities with the gospel and develop opportunities to serve.

As always, we deeply appreciate your prayers and support. Please keep us in your prayers!!!

Striving to serve Him well,

Damon, Randa and the BTV Staff

BTV Update 08.14.09



This has been a busy summer in Choimim, Kenya for nearly 100 volunteers. There were a number of groups that made up our volunteers, traveling from Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, California and New York. We were well represented by Americans dedicated to the Lord’s call , to love others, serve passionately and grow in faithfulness. Pictured above is just one of the thousands of pictures taken this summer, capturing the joy of cross cultural ministry.

In the picture above you’ll notice the 4 major buildings, and if you look closely in the right corner, you will see the foundation that was completed in mid July. God willing and with funds available, we will construct this school building and have it ready for the 2010 school season.

We are also excited to report that the long awaited government registration for the Community Baptist Church of Kenya is now a reality. We received our registration on Friday and we praise God for the privilege to expand the gospel and this fresh church planting movement in Kenya.

This summer’s work included theological and lay leadership training, evangelism projects along with showing the Jesus film, teaching in the class rooms, water impoundment improvements, buildings completed with another started, orphan children loved, VBS teaching and games (including children’s face painting!), and women-to-women teas where the women were encouraged and taught biblical biblical principles – and pampered a bit (manicures, etc!) SO MANY acts of kindness, gentleness and compassion. So many reaching out to those who will never be in a position to return the favor. So many serving, performing different acts of love and all with one purpose, one goal, to glorify our God, savior, our holy example, Jesus our Christ.

If you missed this year we would like to invite you to ministry with us. We have groups traveling to Kenya in October and others planning now for a January team. If the summer is a better time, please email and let me have the opportunity to get you and your group on the calendar for next year. Major themes for next year will be stepping out in faith to lay the ground work for our second school and orphan project along with continuing evangelism and church planting projects.

Please consider being apart of our teams. Should you have any questions please contact Damon Davenport at your earliest convenience. Also, please don’t forget that your financial partnership has helped to make the Choimim project the success it is today.

With great enthusiasm for the year to come,

Damon, Randa and the BTV Team of Kenya and the pastors of the Community Baptist Church of Kenya