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BTV Update 05.26.09



With so much negative news in our lives today, please allow us the opportunity to share some great news from our school plant in Choimim, Kenya. As you may recall, we had the privilege of starting the school just under three years ago and many of you have participated prayerfully and financially – what a praise, what a blessing this has been! We also want to commend and recognize our dear academic staff who have been so committed to these students and have enjoyed quality facilities and materials along with incredible encouragement provided by our friends here in the States. Additionally we recognize and commend all those who have visited the school and personally taught in the classroom – you have been a great encouragement to the students, the teachers and to the ministry team. Now, please let us share with you this email received today from our Kenyan Director, James Esendi:

Concerning the academic results compiled from all the schools in the county (related to grade 1 and 2):

I just want to share with you the joy of our school. We were position two in Lessos Division. Position One was Saint Teresa School.

We took second position in overall.

Individual performance:

NOEL GRADE ONE: took first position in English and Mathematics; position 2 in Kiswahili, science, Social studies and Christian Religious Education.

NOEL GRADE TWO: took position One in mathematics and position 2 in Kiswahili, English, Social Studies, Science, and Christian Religious Education.

Best Student Overall in the Division was our:
Best girl was from Noel grade 2
Best boy was from Noel grade 1

Praise be to God!

Please continue to pray for these children, the staff of BTV, our committed supporters and our guests who have helped to make this educational effort so successful. Our commitment is and continues to be to honor our Lord by providing high quality education to disadvantaged children, giving them the opportunity to learn so they may compete in our global market and most importantly to intellectually defend their Christian faith in such dark times.

Many thanks!

Damon, Randa and the BTV Kenya Team