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BTV Update 07.07.08

Dear Friends,

We are home from Kenya and have great news! We are excited and delighted to tell you that last Thursday we received government approval to open our orphan home, Noel Children’s Center! And that is only the first of the great news. Just after the meeting while sitting in the Children’s Office, in walked a lady holding a beautiful baby girl who had been abandoned during the political unrest in early 2008. The story goes that she had found the baby however was deemed to be unfit to care for her. The officials told us to return today, Monday, after which time they would be able to secure the legal paperwork that would allow her to be brought into our home.

Our first baby’s name is Charity (yes, that was her given name!) and she is a beautiful, smiling baby girl who is around 4-5 months old. We were able to hold her for a few minutes and were blessed by her calm, tender and gentle spirit. It was hard to leave the office without her, but the Lord blessed us immeasurably when just today Aineahs, Joanne (our house mother) and 2 teachers from the states were able to return to pick her up – and they are now on their way back to Choimim to introduce her to and to settle her into her new home!

And our great news continues! We have been told just this morning that there are 3 additional abandoned infants in the hospital that will be joining Charity soon, as early as this week. We will keep you updated on our opportunity to care for these little ones as we are called to do. While we are amazed at the course of these events, it is clear this is God’s hand at work, and we give Him all praise for growing His ministry in this fashion, all for His glory.

We want to extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude for your continued support and prayers for this ministry. We are so very thankful that the Lord has placed a burden upon your heart to reach the people of Kenya, to support church plantings and discipleship, to help support the school and educational opportunities for a growing number of children (113 at present), to help support the construction needs to make the needed facilities a reality, along with other projects we have brought before you in the past. Now, we are asking you to prayerfully consider helping to support our children through the sponsorship of a child, Charity being the first. We would ask you to consider a gift of $35/month for a child; this support will go towards food, clothing, staff, healthcare and general operational expenses. Please feel free to contact us at 919-606-4847 for further questions or more information, we would love to discuss these needs and opportunities with you.

We will be sending out another update and pictures later this week to catch you up on our recent evangelism project, the school, along with some additional projects underway. We are very excited about the happenings at Choimim and again want to thank you for your prayers and support which are so important to us. Please continue to pray for this ministry, and join us as we pray specifically for our blessed little Charity, that she may find comfort, peace, joy and love in her new home.

Striving to serve Him,

Damon, Randa, Aineahs and the BTV Team