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BTV Update 05.29.08


Friends and supporters,

We wanted to share with each of you the blessings the Lord has provided this month for the ministry of Build the Village. Early this month we had a very special opportunity to visit with Ms. Cox’s first grade class at Hillsborough Elementary. The students welcomed us with a safari tour with real animals (made of paper and lots of characterJ). They blessed us with a check and cash totaling over $500.00. The children raised this money doing extra chores around the house and held fund raising events. The money they raised went to pay for the education of two first grade students at Noel Academy in Kenya.

The time with the children was fantastic, and we at BTV as well as the children at Noel Academy want to say thank you very much for you kindness and support! You are very special and dear to us.

Update on the work:

The crops are doing very well and we look forward to a bountiful harvest.
The school at Choimim continues to grow. This term we added 3 new children to the school. The school now has 113 children in attendance.
The Bible school at Choimim and in Kakuma are doing very well. Currently, we have nearly 70 students studying in our two year program. Keep in mind, the Kakuma Bible school is within a refugee camp in Northern Kenya where we are discipling Sudanese and Somali refuges.
Last month’s evangelism project in Kitale, as I previously mentioned, was a success with over a couple of hundred making professions of faith in our Lord. Well, I’m happy to report that today we finished our first discipleship class among those new believers. We studied Biblical Theology for a week with 16 people from the community.
Preparations are being made for a week long evangelism project for the end of June around Kitale. Please keep our efforts in your prayers as we will attempt to plant 6 new churches in the community of Kitale before the end of the year.
We praise God for the outstanding outpouring of the community at Choimim at our two day conference on AIDS awareness. The instruction was held in the Farrell-Jones Family Chapel which provided enough space for the attendees.

We continue to thank the Lord for your prayers and show of support. It means everything to the success of this ministry.

To God be the glory,

Damon, Randa and the BTV Team

BTV Update 05.01.08



Many of you have responded with kind monetary gifts that have helped to make our farming experience a success. Many of you know there is a serious food shortage projected for Africa this year do to the incredible high cost of fertilizer. In a response to this pending crisis, we leased 10 acres and last week we put it under the plow. With nearly 60 people hired to plant the field, corn and beans were planted in just two days.

Again, thank you for your kind support. The food harvested will help to feed our pastors, the children of Noel Academy and our community.

Please continue to pray for us and the work of the Lord in Kenya. And don’t forget to pray for the Lord’s blessing of this small planting.

Awaiting His glorious return!

Damon, Randa and the BTV Team