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BTV Update 02.04.08


Friends and supporters,

It has been a trying time in Kenya as each of you know. There has been a great deal of death and destruction in Western Kenya, yet God is good. The churches for the most part have gone without problems, yet our temporary church in Eldoret was burned to the ground. When our pastor sifted through the remains he was in awe to find that the church banner and the Bible was not damaged, praise God! To him, to the Kenya staff and to us here in the States we see it as God’s continued blessing, to keep doing, keep preaching, keeping serving, to His glory. We celebrate that our Lord is in control and set backs are only divine opportunities to further the gospel.

Also, thank you for praying for our team who was caught up in the midst of the unrest in January. They were unable to make it to Choimim but found themselves in the middle of God’s will serving from a hotel where they were able to participate in some refugee relief and ministering to a local children’s home! The pastor of that group stated he never felt outside of God’s will and that there was a continued peace and unity within the team. They arrived safely back home to the states on schedule. We appreciate their hearts, their attitudes, their love for the Kenyans and mostly their faith in the Lord as they stood firm and were lights among many during a very difficult and stressful time. They are a true encouragement to us and we thank them. Again, we give praise to the Lord!

An additional praise is that we continue to receive support from the local community at Choimim – which is in Western Kenya and only 45 minutes from Eldoret – yet that rural community has protected the church, the school and the orphan home. They have so greatly appreciated the work, the employment opportunities, the educational resources for their children and the committed BTV staff who have proven their love and concern. The community has shown its support by enrolling 93 children as of this update. This is up from only 3 children in January 2007. We continue to thank the Lord for His mercy, grace and continued support.

We also want to thank the many people who have helped to make this project a success. In both going, serving and giving you have been apart of changing the hearts of hundreds and hundreds of people. Just 3 weeks ago, nearly 700 people gathered in the community church to seek God’s mercy and to come together for a great good. These are the people we want to reach, these are the ones whose hearts and minds are being changed. Praise God!

Please remember the work of BTV in Kenya. We still have so much to do, and God willing we will continue to serve until we are called home.

May it be to His glory!

Damon, Randa and the BTV staff

BTV Update 02.03.08

Dear Friends,

We are fairly certain that by this time you are aware of the unrest and violence in as a result of the recent presidential election. We write now to beseech you to pray urgently for our dear Kenyan friends and for the nation as a whole – please pray for the leaders, that through the political process that fairness would prevail and the peaceful resolve would spread, please pray for the victims and those families affected by the violence, and please do pray for our dear friends, that they would continue to seek the Lord through this and that their love and faith in the Lord Jesus would be evident in their response to the situation.

Important to note is that our staff in the field report that the violence is not widespread but is confined to pockets within certain areas in . We actually now have a mission team in who are safe, and in good spirits as they are ministering to those within their close proximity. Their travels are restricted due to safety concerns. Please pray for this team, for this special ministry, that God would use this situation to draw many to Himself. Please pray for their safe return home to the States next week.

In His service and to His glory,

Damon, Randa, Aineahs and the BTV team