Monthly Archives: December 2007

BTV Update 12.25.07


Friends of BTV,

Merry Christmas! God has blessed us greatly this year and today we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It can be overwhelming when you stop and think of the blessings. Well, if that were not enough, I’m elated to report that God continues to bless us with friends who believe in the work He has set before us and who make incredible commitments to this project. Yesterday I received word that a generous donor will fund the building and furnishing of our second children’s home. This house will sit to the right of the house above and will be home to an additional 10 children when completed. Lord willing. In addition, we were recently visited by a Kenyan Government Minister to our area who has promised to bring power to our site by summer ’08.

As the project continues to grow, the numbers of children and their associated families are benefiting greatly. Please, continue to pray for us and the work of BTV as we strive to love and nurture to the glory of Christ.

We can’t say this enough, Thank You for your support and for loving these children and people through your gifts and prayers.

In Christ,

Damon, Randa and the BTV team

BTV Update 12.19.07


Friends and supporters,

Over the years I have enjoyed sending out our BTV praises and prayer requests, but today it saddens me to have to ask for your prayers for one of our staff pastors (Pastor James Esendi, our Bible school principle and the pastor at the Community BaptistChurch in Eldoret) who was broken in on this past Sunday night around 1AM. Those who broke in to his home roughed him up and took the churches electrical amplifier and speakers which were being stored in his home. This was not a random act of violence but premeditated we feel. He had just returned home after being away for a few days visiting with his sick daughter in Nairobi.

Please pray with us for a speedy recovery for Pastor Esendi and for God’s peace in this matter. The BTV team will continue to praise our Lord for His mercy, His sovereignty, and for allowing us the privilege to serve.

In His service,

Damon, Randa and the BTV Team

BTV Update 12.06.07


Season’s Greetings!

As things are getting cold here in the States, things are heating up at Noel Academy, Kenya. Above is the primary building which will be buzzing with academic activity come mid January ’08. We are in the final days of construction, needing only the final touches of painting, cleaning windows and general site clean up. We also are also in the process of building school desks, cabinets, cubbies, teachers’ desks…(oh so much more to do!)

In January, we will have the opportunity to open the doors of these classrooms to our newly graduated preschool students. And God willing, we will equip a computer room for the children and a learning center for the community. The community has expressed a great deal of interest in the school; we may be blessed to have to start a second 1st grade class! Please pray for the school, the students and completion of this building. It is our goal that our Lord will be most glorified in our community involvement.

In a matter for prayer and personal consideration, BTV will begin our fundraising for the start of Phase II at Noel Academy. Our goal with this effort is to construct a dinning hall for the students, 2 dorms and another building (just like the one above) that will complete the primary school. If you have an interest in participating in this second phase, please contact me so that I can explain our up coming expansion. Upon completion of this primary school (all phases) we will help to educate 400 plus children a year. The BTV team sincerely asks that you consider how you can help this school become fully operational in the next two years. With your help we can DO IT for the children of this economically depressed, yet beautiful community.

Proud to partner with you,

Damon, Randa and the BTV team