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BTV Update 10.28.07


Friends and supporters,

As Randa and I have recently returned from , we wanted to take a moment and email you a fun picture of the children of the preschool! These little ones are truly benefiting almost daily from the generous gifts many of you shared. As you may recall, we started out last January with only a few, and now, the Lord has blessed us with 30 beautiful children – we are at full capacity! It is such a joy to see the enthusiasm and excitement of these dear ones as they come to school each morning. You would be amazed by them, as we are. We are working towards completion of the second school building which will house “standard one”, which is equivalent to our first grade, beginning January 1, Lord willing. The staff, Randa and I again want to say thank you for your prayers, for funding for the project and for the support of the children.

We would also like to share with you that the paper work is in with the government and we hope to have the orphan home registration by the end of December. Please keep this in your prayers.

We will be sharing more of our recent trip in the coming week, there is much to tell! Again, we thank you for your prayers.

May all we do be to the glory of God,

BTV staff, Randa and Damon

BTV Update 10.01.07



Our recent October visit was very busy!! Joining us on this trip was a team of six from Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC who participated in church planting projects in communities near the city of Eldoret. These six were able to speak to a couple hundred of people and witnessed many professions of faith in Jesus as Savior, praise God!! Two new congregations were started in these communities, and we want to extend our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thank you to each team member, for their collective dedication and hard work for the Lord’s ministry. Additionally, three new associate pastors have been hired to head up these new church plants, we ask you to pray for these new staff members as they seek to make disciples and establish the churches.

We also were joined by a team of three ladies from Colonial Baptist Church, Cary, NC who held a vacation Bible school for the Noel Academy preschoolers – the children were taught a Bible story and participated in arts and crafts – they had a grand time!! The ladies also led a Women’s Bible Study in the communities of Choimim and Mosoriot. Their teaching focused on women of the Bible and they received a very warm reception, in fact, we have now a greater understanding of the need for more women’s study and training. Please keep this in prayer as we plan for 2008. We want this to become a stronger part of our ministry focus.

As always, we appreciate your continued prayers and support.

For His glory,

Damon, Randa and the BTV Team