Monthly Archives: July 2007

BTV Update 07.01.07



We want to thank everyone for their prayers, encouragement and support for the children at Noel Academy Preschool at Choimim. We are very encouraged and happy to report that the response to help the children who are without financial opportunity to attend school has been overwhelming. As I mentioned before, their fathers have died from AIDS leaving the surviving family members without many basic opportunities, including providing for quality education.

Additionally, the staff of Build The Village extends their deepest appreciation and thanks to the 19 volunteers from a church in Georgia who were in Kenya in July helping to share the hope of Christ to the lost. We’re happy to share that hundreds heard and took advantage of God’s grace revealed to them through the gospel message. As you know, the work will continue as Build the Village and the Community Baptist Church of Kenya staff work to provide discipleship programming. Please pray for those will help do the teaching and those new converts who will learn of the joys of following Christ.

Randa and I personally want to thank the Georgia team for helping to purchase the first computer for Noel Academy. We’re excited to say that the school is the first in the county with a computer in the classroom. Thank you!

As teams prepare for our next mission project in Nandi, please pray for those who will be working with the Noel students, teaching in the Bible school, and of course discipling and evangelizing in the villages. We anticipate hosting nearly 40 volunteers during the month of October.

Thank you again for your prayers and support for the ministry of Build the village, and for reaching out to influence the lives of many.

Damon, Randa and the staff of Build The Village