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BTV Update 05.14.07


Dear Friends and Supporters,

Where does time go? It seems like yesterday we were starting the footings for this preschool building. Now it’s been nearly four months and we are close to the completion of the building. The picture above is a picture I took on April 13th. With most of the construction complete, we are pleased with the work, with the attention to detail, and to the possibilities that this facility will offer to the community and to the church.

Not quite complete, but you can get the idea of the quality of the classrooms, and God willing, the incredible future of the children we will be serving through education.

At the start of our second school term, May 8th, our class has increased from 7 to 22 preschool children. As many of you know we charge a modest fee for the school, so it will take some time for the community to begin to develop an understanding for the value of education. It’s working, and this school will not just be another “hand out” but a realistic opportunity to many families.

Please continue to pray for us and for the work of BTV in Choimim. Our heart is to server Christ and to see Him exalted among the people!

Randa and I send our sincerest appreciation for your love, your prayers, and your financial support.

Damon, Randa, Aineahs and the staff of BTV