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BTV Update 12.01.06


Friends and Supporters,

With the completion of the Choimim church and Bible school, it’s exciting to see the start of another BTV community project. In the picture above, we are coming out of the ground with the foundation for what will be the preschool facility. This building will be used Monday thru Friday as a preschool serving approx. 100 children from this rural community. On Sunday, this facility will be used as Sunday school rooms for the over 150 children of Choimim Community Baptist Chruch.

The master plan for construction this year will include the completion of the above building (estimating the end of February) and the construction of our orphan homes and a teaching block for the primary school. I hope that you will pray for us as we endeavor to complete these projects, despite the heavy rains.

An update on the churches:

The churches are thriving and doing very well. The congregations are continuing to grow and the discipleship is in full swing. We have started to introduce audio programs in both English and Swahili. Currently, the District churches are using the Mini Bible College series by ICM that takes the class through the Bible, one major theme after another. For our English series, we are blessed to use the Wisdom for the Heart series and studying one New Testament book at a time.

It’s great to be among new believers who have expressed such excitement about the Lord as they are finally understanding the love and hope they have in Christ Jesus.

This coming week,

Please pray for us as we host Mr. John Noel and a delegation from the US Embassy to at the Choimim BTV project.
Please remember us as we are finalizing the applications for the school and orphanage programs.
Pray for the leadership team of the Community Baptist Church of Kenya. Collectively, we will be putting together the ministerial work plan for the coming year and their individual work plans for 2007. We will be identifying 7 new village church communities and establishing a new District Chruch in Kitale, 3 hours north of Choimim.
Pray for our renewed work in Kakuma, working with tens of thousands of displaced Sudanese. We have established a couple of new churches just in the past few months and will work to construct our first Bible school facility by mid 2007, God willing.

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. We can’t do this alone and each of you are incredibly important to the success of our work here in East Africa .

Blessings from ,

Damon, Randa, Aineahs and the BTV team