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BTV Update 10.01.06

As many know,

BTV facilitates the evangelism and discipleship of local villages around a hub church. Currently, we have 8 congregations and have seen hundreds make statements of faith for Christ in the past couple of months. BTV church planting efforts have allowed for prospective leaders within these congregations to be identified and thus, the need to educate them appropriately in the word of God. It is the responsibility of our Kenyan BTV staff to provide this theological education to their fellow Kenyans.

The theological education has been ongoing for a number of years, yet we have never formally named the school. On Tuesday, May 16th the BTV staff and Board of Directors honored Mr. Sam Winchester Ph. D., V.P. of Shepard’s Theological Seminary in Cary N.C. by naming the theological school after him. As of that day forward the theological school and the documentation presented to students will be known as Winchester Academy of Theological Studies. The school will offer three academic programs: Certificate of Biblical Studies, Diploma of New Testament Studies and a B. Th. of Theology. Sam has been a “God send” in that he has personally taken the responsibility to help form the academic structure of the school and set the school on a path of professionalism. This will help immensely in achieving the academic credentials in in the future. This has taken a great deal of work and personal sacrifice on Sam’s part and the Board, staff and students are truly appreciative.