BTV Update 11.19.11



I want to share with you that pastor James returned home to Kenya the first part of last week, arriving safely. He had a great trip, visiting with many of our sponsoring churches and friends. He asked that I pass on his warmest farewell and desire for you to join him in Kenya next year. With many construction projects in Choimim and Mosoriot, church planting in and around these communities, we have more opportunities than ever for additional participation from churches, families and individuals. So, as you plan your 2012, keep Kenya in mind and the tremendous opportunity to serve.
As a side note, James is still processing this whole chicken, cow relationship?

Thank you for everything you do to promote the will of God, through the work of BTV.

From the Kenya team, Damon, Randa and Pastor James

Happy Thanksgiving!

BTV Update 10.28.11



Just back from Kenya, and I wanted to share just a quick note and express my appreciation to everyone who is helping to make the ministry of Build the Village so successful. James and I visited the Kapsabet prison where we had the opportunity to share the gospel with hundreds of inmates. There was an outstanding response to the gospel message and a beautiful prayer of repentance echoing between the buildings. To God be the glory!

Additionally, we left 100 New Testament Bibles with the prisoners, providing a refreshing word of hope and eternal life. In the photo above, two women from the prison are accepting the bibles for the ladies (one in black stripes and the other in the black sweater) and the young man to my left (not in prison clothes) is accepting for the male inmates. FYI, the lady to my right is the assistant prison commander, and a Christian herself.

Later that day, we delivered nearly 200 Bibles to a deaf school in Kapsabet where every child received a copy. For them, they could not express their appreciation in words. But, to see their smiles, this spoke volumes! Thank you.

Please keep the unnamed prisoners of this camp and the children and teachers of the deaf school in your prayers as they work through many personal struggles.

Blessings to everyone,

Damon, Randa, James and the BTV Team, Kenya

BTV Update 10.12.11



We wanted to share this most current picture with you as our Children’s Center continues to grow! On Tuesday, we were blessed with a 3 month old child who was abandoned in a busy market. She’s the little one in the arms of the person in the top right of the picture. As you can see, we are really growing, we now have 17 children! We want to thank many of you for your support and prayers as God blesses us with the privilege of caring for these children.

Additionally, Damon will be traveling to Kenya on Saturday and returning to the States with Pastor James Esendi later in October. During Pastor James’ visit he will have the opportunity to visit with many friends and partnering churches. We sure look forward to his visit and know he will be an encouragement and blessing to many! We are certain he will be blessed meeting many of you!
Pray for us as we continue to serve and care for many like these in Kenya.

For the Glory of Christ!

Damon, Randa and the BTV team

BTV Update 08.10.11



It’s been June since we sent out our last email update and so much has gone on since then, so let us give you the highlights! As many of you were aware, Damon was in Kenya for 6 weeks working on certain construction projects along with a number of church groups that came to work in and around Choimim, Kenya. A great deal of time was spent organizing some really great teams this year…

And here’s the recap:

As a whole, the teams were able to speak to a large number of schools. We estimate that over 3,000 youth had the privilege to hear the gospel of our Lord, and many responded, praise God!
We were also privileged to share the gospel in the local prison and we rejoiced over the many who responded. While there, the women of our group shared special gifts – new “flip flops” as well as blankets for those who had blankets! What a blessed time, and truly an endearing and emotional visit, as you might imagine.

Additionally, groups visited a deaf school where the message was “signed” through an interpreter, and the kids enjoyed special VBS activities. These kids were so touched and so excited to have us visit – again a blessed, humbling and precious time.

Home to home evangelism was another key outreach event that we felt was blessed and a success. A super time for outreach, and again the response was great.
And if the groups weren’t busy enough, we painted classrooms along with the new activity center for Noel Children’s Center; we cleaned window frames and installed a water containment structure, to name a few household chores! We are so very appreciative of each team member’s cheerful servant heart! On behalf of the BTV team, we thank you with all our hearts.

While the groups were busy serving and sharing, Damon was finalizing the purchase of an additional 1.5 acres adjacent to the Noel Academy, celebrating the ground breaking of BTV’s new school (Northside Christian School) located in Mosoriot, Kenya, attending to the medical needs of the children and helping to organize the home coming of the three additional children pictured above! Again, praise God that so much was accomplished to His glory and for the loving care of His flock! Randa was able to join the work near the end of Damon’s visit to work with a local church team from here in Cary and also one from Gainesville, NC, and to spend time with the Children’s Center staff.

Again, we want to give a very special thank you to you who traveled and worked so hard for the Lord, serving the dear people of this area, and for those who helped fund the teams and the work of Build The Village this summer. As mentioned above in our update, thousands of children, 200+ prisoners and countless numbers of adults experienced the love of faithful followers of Christ Jesus. The Kenyans enjoyed one-on-one time with our groups, engaged in sporting events, shared a craft or two, and some even had their nails done!  Most importantly, all heard the gospel of grace and hope. Successfully exhausting to say the least. PRAISE HIM!
We would also like to share with you some of the new children of Noel. All three of the children as you can imagine had a very unhappy beginning to their life. But thanks to our loving God, He entrusted these dear little ones to our care. They are pictured above with an approximate age and all three are eligible for sponsorship. So if you, your Sunday school class or church would consider helping these children with their daily support, please give a call or email.

Praises and Prayer considerations:

First, please join us in praise to the Lord for a productive summer for His name sake. As each of us know, it’s a gift from our Lord to be used by Him for His glory.
Join with us in praising our Lord for the blessing of our mission school, Noel Academy at Choimim. Again, for the second year, Noel is academically ranked number #1 in the county! We are very thankful for and appreciative of our hard-working teachers, their dedication and commitment to the students, school and ministry. And of most importance, we give thanks for our special children, praying for them as they are ministered to and that they would understand and accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
We thank you, our supporters, again and again, for your generous prayers and support. Now with our new addition, we would greatly appreciate additional sponsorships for these 3 sweet new children, or even one time sponsorship gifts. Please pray that God would help us with these expenses as we support and minister to these little ones.
We desire to partner with a church or group for the construction of our new Children’s/orphan project at Mosoriot. With the center in Choimim 1/2 full, we need to set plans in place to start the second location.
Funding is needed to help finish the water filtration system for the Choimim project. The expected cost for the system is $30K. We have pledges of $21K as of today and thus we need an additional 9K to have this project fully funded.

Thank you again so very much of your prayers and your support. You must know that so many benefit from your gifts.
Looking forward to a cool fall.


Damon, Randa and the BTV team

BTV Update 03.18.11



Just wanted to share how a quiet Sunday evening can be interrupted with an unexpected heavy wind. It was after church a couple of weeks ago that a wind storm came up and blew off the top of this old building we use as a kitchen for the school. We were able to repair the roof a few days later.

The blessing in all this, God willing, we plan to replace this building in the next year as funds become available. Our plans are to build a dining facility with the same quality materials we have used in the other buildings. The new building will seat over 200 children and will be a major improvement over our current kitchen facility.

Concerning the orphanage, we are now under construction with the 3rd house. We hope to have this building completed in the next couple of months. The structure will be used as a multi-purpose building and dining facility for the orphanage.

Additionally, we finally have power to the orphan houses! It only took 14 months and dozens of trips to the power company to (complain:) get this accomplished! Thank the Lord, we now have lights and soon hope to have a water pump and washing machine in service.

Keep us in your prayers,

Damon, Randa and the BTV Team
PO Box 1151
Garner, NC 27529

BTV Update 03.07.11



Just want to share with you an outstanding outreach that we hosted on the campus of Noel Academy in Choimim, Kenya. A group of 3 great guys from Virginia traveled with me to Kenya just a couple of weeks ago. One of the purposes of the trip was to host a soccer camp and tournament for the area schools in our community. Well, as you can see above, it was well attended. Pictured above are the winning teams and their prizes (new soccer balls and jerseys). What you don’t see are the 1,100 plus people who attended the two day outreach. BTV thanks everyone who helped to make the project such a great success. Additionally, we look forward to hosting our second regional tournament next February since this was such a success in reaching so many from the local community.

Thank you again for partnering with BTV to help reach out and help so many children.

With warm regards,

Damon, Randa and the BTV Team

BTV Update 2.15.11


Friends and Supporters,

For most all of us it’s been a cold winter and the opportunity to get outside for construction projects has been difficult. But for us in Kenya, the season is opposite – it’s hot and dry, and the weather is optimal for catching up on our many construction projects. Pictured above are our new desks that are now being used in our new 4th grade class in the 3rd school building. Twenty-six students no longer have to share desks as is common in the lower grades. We want to take this opportunity to extend our many thanks to our friends with Colonial’s children’s program for helping to raise the funds necessary to provide the desks you see above. A big thank you!

As you are reading this email, staff are completing a large septic tank structure for the children’s center at Choimim. We have been handicapped in growing the program do to the issue of discarding waste water. By the end of next week the tank should be complete. I know that this is not a glamorous project to discuss, but with the completion of the system, we will be in a position to accept additional children to the center. We are blessed currently to care for 12 children, and with the completion of the system, we anticipate our houses will be maxed out by the end of this year with 12 additional children.

Other items of interest:

Starting in a week or so, construction staff will begin the completion of the 3rd Children’s House at Choimim. The house will be used as a large meeting home for all the Center’s kids. They will have a place to go spend time, listen to music, read, watch vidoes, enjoy meals together and fellowship collectively as a family.
Work has begun to establish a new daughter church approximately 2 miles away from Choimim. We will be using two of our Elders to establish the new congregation.
On February 18 and 19, BTV staff and friends from the US will be hosting a soccer camp and competition for the children in the area as an outreach. We are anticipating in excess of 500 children to join us during this event. Please pray for the children, for the staff and for the Word of God as we share with the children and the spectators our greatest opportunity, a relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We continue to thank each of you for your prayers and your financial support. We can never say it enough, thank you. Your generosity makes these projects possible and your monthly sponsorship helps to keep the lights on, Kenyan staff employed, children warmed, educated and fed and the Word going out among the children and the community at large.

This year, we would like to ask for your consideration in our new work. We need to raise $75,000 to build our 1st school building in the community of Mosoriot, Kenya. The work needs to begin soon to beat the rainy season, and must be ready by January 2012. We plan to open the building, God willing, by the 5th of January. In doing so, we will open immediately 3 classrooms for preschool aged children and employ 5 Kenyan’s. Please consider your participation in this expansion of our ministry as we desire to holistically reach this community for Christ! Please check out our website to make a donation or contact Damon Davenport directly 919-606-4847.

We pray for God’s continued blessed for the work of BTV and for each of you. Please, let us know how we can be a greater encouragement to you as we strive to serve together for His glory.

Damon, Randa and the BTV Team (Kenya)

Happy New Year


Happy New Year Wishes from the Children at Choimim, Kenya


We hope all is well and that you have had a blessed Christmas and are looking forward to a wonderful New Year. Additionally, we wanted to share with you our Christmas and New Year’s celebration from the children at Noel Children’s Center, Kenya. Just the other day we celebrated the birth of Jesus and thanked God for our many blessings. We also shared gifts as a means of expressing our love for each other as an example of how God the Father shared with us the greatest gift, Jesus the Christ.Our prayer for each of you is for a wonderful and meaningful new year in the Lord.Thank you for your love, your prayers and your support!

May God bless you richly,

Damon, Randa and the Build the Village Team

BTV Update 12.16.10


Approaching the completion of the 3rd school building.

Merry Christmas to you!

The team wanted to take a moment of your time and bring you up to speed on some of the activities at Noel Academy, Choimim, Kenya, and the outreach opportunities we have shared with so many of our church groups.

First, our third school building is nearing completion in the next couple of weeks, and God willing, the doors will be open for the new class of students reporting to 4th grade at Noel in early January. In the picture above, the walls are up, the roof is on and the finishings are underway. We want to thank everyone for their personal gifts and their sacrificial time spent helping to make this project a reality for the children at Noel Academy. With the beginning of the new school year, we will be blessed with educating over 200 children, employing 14 full-time Kenyan staff and sharing the word of God with the next generation of Kenyan movers and shakers.

Second, the opportunity to reach out to the community schools conducting VBS was an overwhelming success this year. A few thousand were cared for, loved, played with and the gospel shared. In one of our visits, a group from Hickory Grove Baptist joined us as we shared with a group of 200 vocational school students. It was great to see our group working in small groups with the students, answering questions and sharing their testimonies. Later, the students gathered in the cafeteria and the gospel was shared. To the glory of Christ, many raised their hands in front of their classmates in a public expression of their personal desire to receive Christ Jesus as their personal Savior.

Third, the land for the second Build the Village project has been acquired! This is a 10-acre area located in Mosoriot, approximately 30 minutes away from our Choimim project. In 2011, we hope to have a site plan completed and begin the fund raising for this exciting project: a new school, an orphanage, a new church to replace the rented structure and a guest house for our friends and coworkers.
We are so excited about how God is using this ministry and partnering so many individuals and churches with the work. We thank Him for your consistent prayers, support, encouragement and personal participation. The BTV Team thanks you for making this real and helping to reach, teach and love so many to the glory of Christ!

In partnership with you and to the glory of Christ,

Damon, Randa, James, the Build the Village Team, the 160 children at Noel Academy and the many little ones at Noel Children’s Center wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas